Need a project built? clearbuilt is your app for that!

Videoed bids. Instant contracts. Escrowed payments.

Stop describing what you need over and over. Describe it once in a video and get it to people who can help, and quickly. Protect yourself with easy to create contracts. Get fast access to a lawyer should your project needs get complex, and pay with trust knowing that your funds are securely waiting to be released until the project is complete. As a contractor, knowing the funds have cleared before you start a project and are ready to be deposited in your account as soon as you finish is an amazingly simple and effective change that improves a project from start to finish.

Faster Bids

Easily describe your project needs with a video. Include any measurements, model numbers, and talk clearly. The more detail you can provide the better. Submit your request and get proposals sent over to you as efficiently as possible.

Smoother Contracts

Once you have found a match within our network of skilled providers, a legal agreement is quickly produced, providing a contract that dictates the schedule of funds to be released based on the project hitting described milestones.

Trusted Payments

As a contractor, knowing that payment will be there upon completion, or at agreed upon stages. Trust in payments leads to a more complete focus on quality, with a dedicated mind towards building your project as best as possible and not worrying about payment.